OH WAIT. obsidianchameleon I meant to show this to you but I totally blanked. HAPPY SUPER BELATED BIRTHDAY NEW GRAVITY FALLS FRIEND. :DLove watching the new episodes with you!! <3


OH WAIT. obsidianchameleon I meant to show this to you but I totally blanked. HAPPY SUPER BELATED BIRTHDAY NEW GRAVITY FALLS FRIEND. :D
Love watching the new episodes with you!! <3

But what happened to Soos’ parents?


What the FUCK must have Hirsch tried to push past the censors that they allowed him that end sequence. It must have been so bad that Disney’s just like “you know what this is nothing compared to the thing he tried to send us the other day”

I think Disney just finally realized that Hirsch is an unstoppable force that owns a show that’s really popular with its target demographic and that they should go with it because Disney likes money and that the show actually WORKS with the darker tone and the kids like it and it’s popular with teens and young adults too and blows most of their shows within the last ten years or so out of the water and that he has a dream demon on his side and knows what he’s doing and loosened the leash of censoring a bit for S2 because children don’t need to be sheltered that much it’s not like seeing possession is going to turn them all into satan foot lickers they know that Gravity Falls works better when they give him more freedom.

The GF Fandom Throughout Its Life

Tourist Trapped: "Aww… this show is so cute! I might watch another episode.”

The Legend of the Gobblewonker: "Heh, butt island… this is better than most "kid’s" shows."

Headhunters: "Did Stan really have a funeral for a wax version of himself? Also, Dipper really does sneeze like a kitten.”

The Hand That Rocks the Mabel: "Oh my god, Gideon is one of the best villians ever, and this show just keeps on getting better!"

The Inconveniencing: "SMILE DIP YOU MEAN ACID TRIP. ALSO LAMBS. *billions of ‘Onwards Aoshima’ GIFS are uploaded to the tag*."

Dipper vs. Manliness: "Alright, I’m getting used to this sh- DISCO GIRL, COMIN’ THROUGH, THAT GIRL IS YOU!"

Double Dipper: "I’m not that obsessed. I mean… oh my god, Dipper’s birthmark… *makes a million theories based on it*.”

Irrational Treasure: "OMG some conspiracies for once and the president, and the secrets behind the town, and I just realized there’s codes at the end of each episode…"

The Time Traveler’s Pig: "Mabel gets a PIG and we got to see Stan in the past and, ya know, he looked kinda different… *billion more theories*."

Fight Fighters: "VIDEO GAME REFERENCES and tacos… does… oh GOD, Hirsch KNOWS about Dipper Goes to Taco Bell…"

Little Dipper: "Gideon is a lil ol shit."

Summerween: “ERMAGHERD NO FACE!”

Boss Mabel: "Ugh this first hiatus wasn’t worth this episode give me moar mystery."

Bottomless Pit: "Man, this was a filler episode. nevermind that it was actually really good I think the show is losing it’s quality.”

The Deep End: "O mah god would they stop focusing on teh romance? BUT MERMANDO OMG MUCH LOVE."

Carpet Diem: "oh my holy balls… the glasses… the calendar… the secret room… I think we all know what dis means: *bazillion more theories are made*."

Boyz Crazy: "The WenDip and the WenBie Wars have begun. Also Dipper was SUCH a dick like omg who just breaks up a girl with the man cough hipster loser she luvs?”

Land Before Swine: "Is Stan… is Stan actually awesome, all of the sudden. I’m starting to find him… No way. But that left hook was legit."

Dreamscaperers: "*tag explodes with Bill fanart* DEER TEETH AND I KNEW HE WAS REAL. *Stan twin theory is born around this time* STANLEP. STAN TWIN. BUTTCHIN. HISS."

Gideon Rises: “*sees the ending* HOLY FUDGE THAT CLIFFHANGER STAN I KNEW U WERE SUSPICIOUS AND *billions and billions of more theories are created*.”

—- Year Long Hiatus Interlude. - *elevator music plays*

Scaryoke: "HUNKLE."

Into the Bunker: "The WenDip ship has sunk and GROOT and… wow, this show is getting REALLY dark…"

The Golf War: "Balls. Balls everywhere."

Sock Opera: "Bipper. Bipper fanart everywhere and HOLY DORITOS CHILD POSSESSION WHAT HAS DIDNEY COME TO!?"

Soos and the Real Girl: "So much… tentacle hentai and anime references… and is her name Melanie or Melody? btw it’s Melody guys And… and… ERMGHERD FIVE NERTS @ FREDDIZ.”

A message from notthistimespock

In some of the stills for 'Little Gift Shop of Horrors' it looks like there's a blue light coming from between the boards of the Shack. Do you think Stan losing his hands and the claymation monsters might have something to do with the portal? It would kind of make sense if the monsters came from some sort of alternate dimension.

I think it’s totally possible; maybe the portal has the ability to open the way to alternate dimensions and the monsters escape through somehow? It’d make sense (and plus it’d be more original than if it were just a plain old stargate).

 Maybe the different places they go to are alternate dimensions and they are trying to find Stan’s hands? Maybe each Behenian fixed star on the edge of the portal stands for a different dimension?


Oh wait, these were probably tentacle hentai allusions, weren’t they…?








Hopefully you haven’t already got plans for October 6th!

Gravity Falls just got spookier when things take a turn for the multi-demensional… maybe,

Will Stan get his hands back, or will he resort to having flashlight hands forever? Will Mabel and Dipper escape the unknown entities that surround them?


Search for the Blind Eye

Search for the Blind Eye