Indulging in the Stan Twin Theory/Adding things to Bill’s Summon Wheel


After seeing Maritova’s post (thank you!) that pointed out a familiar figure in the background of the newest episode, Dreamscaperers, I decided to, yet again, make a theory post.

 The theory in question is the famous (amongst Fallers) Stan twin theory. At first, I didn’t really put too much faith in it, since it surfaced during the earlier days of GF.

 But now I’ve seen enough evidence to convince me that Yes: Stan did have a twin. And I use the past tense ‘did’ for a reason. ;)

 Anyways, I’ll look in depth into all of the evidence, stack it up, relate it to Dipper and Mabel’s twin relationship, and then apply the theory to other parts of the show (namely the symbols on Bill’s Summoning Wheel).

 WARNING! There are spoilers for both Dreamscaperers and that super-spoiler screenshot that leaked earlier in the year. If you haven’t seen either of them, I beg of you: DO NOT READ MY POST. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LEAKED SCREENSHOT. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY, DON’T GO LOOKING FOR IT OR I’LL SIC BUFFALOS UPON YOU.


 Let’s begin.

PART ONE: Stan’s Twin

NOTE:  To be specific for this post, we’re going to have two Stan’s to refer to.

Twin Number One is the Stan we all know and love, Stanford, which is the Alex-Hirsch-Confirmed full name of Grunkle Stan.

Twin Number Two is the Stan we don’t all know and love (yet), Stanley.

 Whether or not that is Twin Number Two’s real name, IDK, but for the purposes of this theory we’ll just call him that.


Alright, so this theory already establishes that, just like Dipper and Mabel, Stanford is a twin. Before I put in my own speculation, I wish to present evidence for this theory, going chronologically through the series. Here it is:

 Evidence Number 1: El Diablo

So, because Stanford is a truly classy guy, he has a truly classy car: a 1967 Ford Galaxy 500 XL.

 This thing:



 Notice the license plate. It says: “STNLYMBL”. Which I assume means, “Stanley Mobile”. Here’s the funny thing, though: Grunkle Stan’s real full name is Stanford, not Stanley.

 When I first saw it in Legend of the Gobblewonker, I believed that it might’ve been a mistake on the show creators’ part. But throughout the series, the license plate has consistently remained the same, even as recently as Summerween, as seen in the picture above.

 So, why in the holy mackeral heck would he get a license plate that said Stanley instead of his full name, Stanford? The answer is obvious. As stated by many GF theorizers before me, it’s not his car.

 Keep this fact in mind as we continue on.

Evidence Number 2: The Boxing Companion

This is the piece of evidence is what really got me/blew my mind. As stated before, a wonderful Tumblr user named Maritova posted this screenshot and pointed out a familiar character in the background:


 Alright. Now, I highlighted a few of the parts that caught my eye. Firstly, we have the red, purple, and green outlines. Looking at the parts of these two boys’ hair, we can deduce that they’re the exact same shape. Secondly, look at the orange circled parts: they both have that weird hair floof thing (it’s hard to see the background character’s due to size, but you can watch the episode to check for yourself.).

 Dipper and Mabel have it, too:


See? Weird hair floofs. It’s a Pines family thing, I guess.

 Not only that, but that Stan clone in the background of the boxing scene has the same hair color, the same skin shade, the same boxing outfit and color, and the same helmet shape and color. 

 So, I’m guessing that because of these reasons, they’re at least related

 Judging by the fact that they look identical and even have the same damn hair floofs (I’m sorry, I love saying that <3), I’m guessing they’re twins. Fraternal, like Mabel and Dipper. Which is adorable, I must say. :D

 Wait a second… I’m saying that these boxing kids aren’t identical twins?

 Yep. And here’s why:

Evidence Number 3: The Appearance of the Older Stans

In the show itself, we’ve been presented to two younger forms of Stan (ignoring the boxing flashback) that seem to be in the same age range.

 Number One, from The Time Traveler’s Pig, looks like this:


Number Two, from Boyz Crazy, looks like this:


For the purposes of this theory, we’re going to go ahead and say that Stan #1 is Stanley and Stan #2 is Stanford/Grunkle Stan.

We’ll go through the differences between these two using the color codes.

 The Green Oval: Eyesight - Stanley wears glasses in his twenties/thirties (Stanford doesn’t). They also happen to be different from Stanford/Grunkle Stan’s. Stanford’s have thicker rims and lack those golden thingies at the top ends (forgive me, I have NO IDEA what they’re called):



The Red Circle: Different Noses - Stanley has a curvier nose, while Stanford’s is less so. Capiche?

The Purple Line: Hair vs No Hair - Stanley has no facial hair and looks pretty much hairless on the rest of his body, kind of like some other twin we know (*keep this in mind for later!). Stanford has facial stubble and is very hairy on the rest of his body.

The Blue Line: Combed vs Messy Hair - Stanley has relatively messy hair, kind of like some other twin we know(I’m going to keep saying this, you know ;D). Stanford’s hair is combed/slicked back because he’s classy, I guess.

The Cyan Circle: The Sexy Cleft - Stanley has a buttchin. Stanford doesn’t. True story, bro.

The Orange Line: Twins HAVE to be Different - Welp. They’re wearing opposite colors. I mean, they can’t wear similar colors, can they? At least, not in cartoons. Often, animators will use different colored clothing or shirt text to differentiate between twins.

Evidence Number 4: The Glasses/Stanley’s Place on the Wheel

We’ve already semi-covered this in Evidence Number 3, but the fact that the glasses of the Stans have been brought up in other important parts of the show makes it worth further analysis. :D

Firstly, we see it on Bill’s Summoning Wheel. For the purposes of this theory, we’re going to assume that each symbol represents a separate person. Kay? And don’t point out the flaw in my theory and mention the fact that there are two Mabel symbols. >:D


Understanding the above statement to be 100% correct, we know that those two Stan symbols on Bill’s Summoning Wheel mean that The Glasses and The Fez Crescent pertain to two different people. Since Stanley has been seen with those exact glasses, The Glasses represent Stanley. The Fez Crescent represents Stanford.

Evidence Number 5: The Extra Hidden Room

Before we begin this piece of evidence, I must emphasize the fact that Stanford/Grunkle Stan hates talking about his past and hides secrets.

How do I know that? Because there are many examples throughout the series that point to this. Firstly, the ONLY person he’s ever revealed any super personal past stuff to is Soos in Dreamscaperers (I guess Dipper too, but that was from falling into the memory). Secondly, Stanford lies a lot (no arguments there). Thirdly, Stanford only begins to reveal tidbits of his past later in the season, to his own freaking nephew, Dipper, and it was only about Carla and her hippie boyfriend and how they rode off on rainbows and whatnot. Fourthly: the vending machine. Need I say more?

 With this in mind, analyze the episode Carpet Diem and you can see that there’s LOTS of things he’s hiding. Even an entire secret room in his house.


 He also seemed especially grumpy when he was looking through the room.

 Dipper: (Looks at the tag on the shag carpet.) “Experiment 78? Grunkle Stan, what is this place?”

 Stan: “I don’t know. Just another room I have to clean up now.” (Takes a pair of glasses off a table and puts it in his shirt)


Mabel: (Does snow angels in the carpet) “This carpet is amazing!”

Stan: “Yeah, if you’re into things that are terrible.”

 Funnily enough, he’s also seen rubbing and staring at those glasses later on. Forlornly…


 So yup. We know for sure that there’s something very much up with that room and what it means to Stanford.

 Maybe, IDK, it was Stanley’s room. At least, that’s what I’m guessing it was. Why? His glasses were in there and being in that room made Stanford almost impossibly grumpier.

 Taking this piece of evidence, we can deduce that, like Stanford, Stanley also lived in the Mystery Shack at one point.

 Probably before it was the Mystery Shack:


(with a huge satellite antenna and barometer on top, which may also relate to Stanford’s tattoo, which includes meteorological things like a Mackeral Sky/Altocumulus Cloud symbol).

 This snowy shot of the Shack is also from the same scene where we saw that picture of Stanley looking out the front door.

 Overall, we know that Stanley housed himself at the Shack at least once, probably used that secret room as his own, left his glasses in the secret room, and something bad happened between Stanley and Stanford, which is why Stanford was bitter about the room.

Evidence Number 6: Twins Run in the Family

I’m going out on a limb here with this one. But once you read it, you’ll understand what I’m sayin’;…

 Here’s an interesting article from the NYTimes I read the other day:

 To spare you from having to read it, I’ll summarize: basically, there’s this old wives’ tale about twins. According to this tale, twins not only run in families, but they also seem to skip a generation, too. Granted, this assumption may not be true in the real world, but maybe Alex Hirsch knew about this wives’ tale (being a twin himself) and added it to the mythos of Gravity Falls?

 So, what if this pertains to Stanley/Stanford and Dipper/Mabel? Perhaps Dipper and Mabel’s father (Stanford’s nephew) and his siblings weren’t twins at all? Going along the lines of this legend, perhaps it skipped a “Pines Generation” and the twin gene trickled down to his kids?

 *readjusts tin foil hat*

 Maybe this pertains to Gravity Falls? Maybe it doesn’t? Either way, I thought it was too interesting of a fact to leave out of my post.


PART TWO: The Twin Parallelism

NOTE: Keep the previous part in mind when reading this second one.

Remember when I kept blabbing about how some of the things I pointed out about Stanley resembled some other twin we know?

Yup: I meant Dipper.

 This part will be divided. First into the parallelism between Stanford and Mabel. Second into the parallelism between Stanley and Dipper.

Stanford and Mabel - The Yang Twins

Outgoing: Stanford and Mabel both are talkative, good at convincing others, good at lying (much to Mabel’s dismay), and generally are more ‘people smart’.

Less Messy/Cleaner Self: These two seem to be the cleaner of the twins. When young, Stanford combed and slicked his hair. Mabel grooms herself and washes her clothes (which Dipper apparently doesn’t do, lol).

Chases Romance: Carla and Lazy Susan vs Mabel’s various relationships (gnomes, vampires, Mermando, etc…).

Had Braces: Yup. I didn’t notice this earlier, either, but both Stan and Mabel have had braces:


(So shiny!)


The Two Get Along Well: Frankly, Mabel and Stanford get along a lot better than Dipper and Stanford do (we all know why, which I’ll elaborate on later). Stanford has made it obvious that Mabel is his favorite.

People Smart, not Book Smart: As stated before, Stanford and Mabel are the more outgoing twins. They’re not book smart, either. Mabel often loses against Dipper when it comes to games like Chess, Checkers, etc… (the plot of Little Dipper). Stanford is clever, even outwitting Gideon, but not book smart and even criticizes Dipper for being as such (and not people smart, instead).

Less Serious: Stanford and Mabel are prone to flights of fancy, whether that be ‘Radical, Colorful Eighties Young Men’ and Hamster Balls, or Hippie Rainbows and Robot Football Games. ;)

Reasons with Emotions rather than Logic: This one’s a bit obvious, but they both tend to ignore logic and are swayed by emotions. Mabel would save a Merman because of affection and Stanford would punch a pterodactyl in the face because of his feelings for his niece (not romantic ones, you creepers). Mabel would beg her brother to give up his slight chance at dating Wendy so that she could have her pig. Stanford would hold a funeral for a wax figure of himself. You see what I mean?

When Young, Wore Brighter Colors compared to twin: Stanford wore a white shirt while Stanley wore black. Mabel wears too many colors to count and Dipper sticks with orange and blue.

Stanley and Dipper - The Yin Twins

(Much of this will be speculation on Stanley’s part, since we haven’t even heard him speak. But, if he really is Stanford’s twin, I’m assuming he’ll be pretty much the opposite of Stanford. Like Dipper is to Mabel and vice versa.)

Shyer/Reserved: Face it: Dipper has a hard time making friends. The only people his age in Gravity Falls that he’s friends with are Mabel (his own sister), and through her, Candy and Grenda. Dipper isn’t outgoing and is very awkward when put on the spot.



 He’s friends with Wendy, but the only reason why he’s as close as he is to her is because he has a crush on her. Soos is way older than him. And Stan is his cheap-ass (but awesome) uncle, so he doesn’t really count.

 I’m assuming Stanley was the same way. He probably did a lot of research, cooped up in that snowy Shack all by himself, staying away from the general populace. Hell, even the Shack is a bit isolated from the town. Then again, he might’ve done that on purpose to keep his work away from the common eye.

Logical/Relies on Logic, rather than Emotions: While Mabel and Stanford are the emotional twins, Dipper and Stanley are the logical ones. Dipper is the one who’s obsessed with solving all the mysteries in town, yet he keeps a skeptical eye out while doing so. Mabel just accepts the paranormal. Dipper doesn’t; he asks why and does his best to figure it out. Once again, this is speculation, but I’m guessing Stanley was the same. He devoted himself to some type of research, it seems. Perhaps he was a meteorologist (explains the equipment on his house in the past)? Either way, he was the reasoning twin of him and Stanford.

More Messy/Messier Hair: According to Dipper, washing clothes is a waste of time. And when you look at older Stanley and Dipper, you can see that their hair is pretty much the same (Stanley’s is a bit darker and Dipper’s is more reddish/lighter colored). These two focus so much on other things, like research and planning and reading and etc, they kind of forget what hygiene is. :(

They’re Bookworms:


(But who stole the caperssssssssssssssssss?)


Wear Darker, Muted Colors: The only thing Stanley wears is a black t-shirt. The only thing Dipper wears is a dull orange shirt, a dark blue vest, and gray shorts (and determination).

Them Hairless Chests: I already said something about how Stanley had no stubble while Stanford did. And how that hairlessness kinda sounds like some other twin we know?

(Dipper used Flash! It’s super effective!)

 Granted, he’s only twelve and his pituitary gland has, in the words of Grunkle Stan, "big plans" for him. But I’m going to guess that Dipper will be similar to Stanley: relatively hairless. And perhaps he’ll have a butt chin, too, IDK.

 Putting it All Together: So, we know that a lot of parallels between the pairs of twins have been shown in the show. Stanford and Mabel’s similarities are a bit more obvious (because they’re both heavily on screen). Stanley and Dipper’s? Less so. But Stanley’s only been seen twice and has no speaking roles.

 So, with these similarities drawn, I’d like to go on to the next part of my theory:

PART THREE: What Went Down

Here’s where I’m going to go into super-speculation territory.

Now, this is my personal theory of what went down between Stanley and Stanford. The only evidence I have is what I wrote above. This also is the part where I’d love it if you guys gave me your input: in other words, what do you think happened between them?

 Anyways, here’s my theory:

  ACT 1: The Early Days - So, Stanford and Stanley are born (if they’re like Mabel and Dipper, then Stanford is the older twin). They go to school. They get picked on. Their dad (Great Grandpa Pines) puts them in boxing. They grow up. Life’s great. Stanford chases romance and makes his own vacuum cleaner business. Stanley chases knowledge and goes to college and majors in something (meteorology, I’m telling you).

 ACT 2: Stanford Relies on his Bro - Stanley has a stable life. Stanford does not. I’m guessing in his late teens and early twenties, Stanford began to go into crime. He’s got the law on his tail. He’s in trouble.

 In desperate need of help, he goes to his twin and asks if he can stay with him. Stanley, being an awesome little twin brother, agrees and the two reside in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

 ACT 3: Supernatural - Stanley discovers the paranormal in the town and introduces Stanford to it. Stanford’s a little bit iffy with it, telling Stanley that he shouldn’t get too close, and Stanley tells him that he’ll be fine.

 ACT 4: The Royal Order of the Holy MackerelStanley and Stanford join this elusive semi-cult in order to delve deeper into the paranormal. This goes on for a few years, and everything seems fine. But something goes terribly wrong.

The writer of the books (SPOILERS), Fiddleford H. McGucket, (who may also be a member of the Order), goes nuts. I’m guessing it had something to do with our triangular friend, Bill.

  Mister Pyramid might have been ordered to harm McGucket by someone in the Order because he was getting too close to the truth. McGucket most likely saw this coming, wrote the warnings in Book 3, and made preparations.

 ACT 5: The Trust Between the Brothers and McGucket - McGucket knew that the only people in the Order he could trust were the Pines twins. Stanley wholeheartedly agreed to continue McGucket’s research. Stanford didn’t

 Stanford didn’t want Bill coming after them, too. Stanley insisted that they’d be fine. McGucket works with Stanley before Bill finds him. This may also be where all those supernatural machines/items in the Shack are from. McGucket, the crazy inventor he is, invented things like the Human Copy Machine and the Electron Carpet during this time.

 ACT 6: The Twins Split and McGucket Goes Nuts - Stanford is pissed at Stanley for putting them in danger. Stanley tells him he can leave, if he wants. Stanford’s hurt, but he does. Stanford goes off and does whatever, and Stanley stays and continues McGucket’s research in secret.

 Even long after McGucket is “gone”, turned insane and memories wiped thanks to Bill. :( The only thing linking McGucket back to the journals is the symbol on the covers.

 For those of you who haven’t seen the leaked screenshot ignored my spoiler warning, >:(, McGucket indeed had six fingers on his right hand:


 'Had' being the operative word. Gee, he covers his right hand with a bandage, now. I wonder what happened to that extra finger?

 I think the blood on this page explains it:


 Yes: I’m saying he cut it off, probably possessed by Bill or did so while insane. If caused by Bill, then it most likely was to ‘cover up his tracks’. Anyone who finds the books might’ve thought, “Hey! I bet this friggin’ huge golden symbol on the cover is a clue!”

 Welp, since McGucket’s sixth finger is chopped off, you can’t really link him and the books together, can you? Because of this, we’re going to assume that the six-fingered hand on Bill’s Summon Wheel represents McGucket.

  ACT 7: Stanley Takes up the Torch - McGucket gives/Stanley takes the books. He begins to write in them, as well (this explains the different handwriting that scribbles over McGucket’s own). He goes deeper and deeper, almost finding the secret behind the town

 And then someone catches wind of Stanley’s doings. Just as Stanford predicted, Stanley was in trouble.

 Shit goes down, Stanley builds a secret room in the Shack and hides the First Book in there, things get worse, he hides the other two books in the forest, and finally, Bill is sent after Stanley.

 Act 8: Stanford to the Rescue - Stanford begins to worry about his little bro. Filled with guilt, he goes back to Gravity Falls and figures out that Stanley is in danger.

 This scene, seen in Dreamscaperers, is shown in Bill’s body when he remembers ‘Stan Pines’. Which one, you ask? At first, it seems as if Bill is remembering Stanford, but when we look at the Stan inside the screenshot:


It’s the thinner-glassed, butt-chinned, hairless, black-shirt wearing Stan Pines. AKA Stanley.

 Bill recognizes people by symbols, as seen when he calls Dipper “Pine Tree”, Mabel “Shooting Star”, and Soos “Question Mark”.

After this, he flashes to the picture of Stanford’s tattoo (a symbol). Bill then has an “Ah-Hah!” moment and realizes that that is the ‘Stan Pines’ Gideon’s talking about. Not Stanley.

 Going back to speculation, Bill gets to the Shack, Bill does something batshit insane and freaky (as usual), Stanley freaks out, and then tries to protect himself and his work.

 Remember how he hid Book 2 and 3 the forest? Welp, Bill gets pissed about that (since it’s also his job to destroy the books), and attacks.

 Showdown time! Bill figures out that Stanley has at least one, realizes it’s in the secret room, they go down there, and they fight. As seen in the picture above, there’s a blue-ish glow on Stanley’s body, much like the blue-ish glow we see when Stanford goes behind the vending machine in the first episode.

 Meanwhile, Stanford gets to Gravity Falls and races inside. But by the time he gets to Stanley, Bill’s pretty much won. Bill either kills Stanley or sends him to an alternate dimension (I prefer the latter).

 Stanford gets pissed, and, using his knowledge of the supernatural, banishes Bill. This banishing also explains why Bill, in the future, was so willing to go after Stanford.

Act 9: Aftermath -Stanford’s little bro is gone. Stanford takes up where Stanley left off, keeps the first book in the secret room, vows to never let anyone else get hurt, and turns the house into the Mystery Shack in order to distract people from realizing that there’s actually real supernatural things going on (and to make money, of course).

 Stanford, taking Stanley’s possessions, uses his car, and seals up his room in order to prevent bad memories, I guess, which explains why he was so bitter about it in Carpet Diem.


PART FOUR: Why Stanford Acts the Way He Does

Being a twin himself, Stanford probably compares his twin relationship to Dipper and Mabel’s. Stanford gets along very well with Mabel, the twin who’s similar to him.

 Dipper? Not so much. In Dreamscaperers, we kind of see part of the reason why: he thinks Dipper needs to toughen up, and so gives him all these suckish jobs and is harder on him than he is on Mabel. In truth, he’s looking out for the kid. While heartwarming, I can’t help but think that there’s another reason why he treats Dipper the way he does…

Yup, you guessed it: He’s sees his own twin brother, Stanley, in Dipper.

Now, I already explained the parallels between Stanley and Dipper in the last part. So, we at least know that the two are similar. They’re logical, fact-oriented, shy bookworms. Stanford most likely realizes this and projects Stanley’s image onto his great nephew.

Why He’s So Tough On Him: Other than thinking his nephew’s a wimp, Stanford sees his own little twin brother in Dipper. He remembers what Stanley was like and thus acts the same towards Dips.

 Think about it: Stanford treats Dipper like he would a little brother: he teases him and he’s tough on him, but in the end he still loves him and cares about him.

Why He ‘Disbelieves’ Dipper’s Claims About the Supernatural: You’ve probably already guessed this, but Stanford most likely doesn’t want the same thing that happened to Stanley to happen to Dipper.

 He knows they’re similar. They’re smart, they’re shy, they’re determined, and they both chase the paranormal. Thus, Dipper is susceptible to the same problems as Stanley is: They’re not dumb enough to just ignore the supernatural. They’re determined and stubborn. This makes them good targets for anyone who’s trying to keep secrets.

 All in all, he’s trying to save the kid from his brother’s fate. :(

In truth, he DOES believe Dipper, but he discourages him in order to keep him safe. Dipper thinks he’s just being a dick, but it’s actually because he cares about him.

 Before you bring out your “D’awww’s”, also remember that Dipper chases the supernatural anyways. Which means he’s going to be in trouble. In the words of Bill Cipher, Dipper ‘is playing with fire’.


PART FIVE: Bill’s Summoning Wheel

So, now that we’ve explored this twin and McGucket thing in-depth, we can get to the final part of my theory, which explains the glasses and six-fingered-hand symbols and their relations to the others:


 DUO PAIR 1: Glasses Vs. Star = Stanley Vs. Gideon

 Why these two are on opposite sides, I’m not sure. I have a theory, though; one that assumes that Gideon IS NOT as young as he looks.

 One that assumes that his body is being possessed by an older person. And that older person was someone who opposed Stanley. This person might have also been the one who sent Bill after him.

 This theory is iffy, though, but it’s the best I can think of at this point in time.

DUO PAIR 2: Question Mark Vs. Six-Fingered-Hand = Soos Vs. McGucket

 Beyond the fact that McGucket tried to eat Soos, I can’t really see why they’d be on opposing sides. BUT-

  When you think about it, both of them are hiding many things. Despite his insanity (which I predict was Bill’s doing), McGucket still is pretty smart. He knew that Stanford’s wax figures were alive. He knew about the Gobblewonker enough to build a robot after it. He MUST’VE seen the dinosaurs below Gravity Falls in order to have built that robotic pterodactyl, shown at the end of Legend of the Gobblewonker.

 Also, notice how Stanford doesn’t ever make fun of him. Even in Legend of the Gobblewonker, when everyone’s laughing at him for being ‘a crazy old kook’ on the dock, Stanford’s just staring at him (couldn’t find a screenshot of this, but I swear it’s true).

 If my theory is right, then Stanford knows that McGucket wrote the books, was messed with, and still knows what he’s talking about. Even though McGucket doesn’t remember, he probably subconsciously ‘knows’ about the supernatural. He still makes crazy inventions, too.

 As for Soos… One of the codes in “Rumble’s Revenge” from Bill said, “The Handyman knows more than you think.”

 Who else could the handyman be other than the guy at the Shack who cleans the toilets, changes the light bulbs, etc…?

  Soos is a lot smarter than we give him credit for. He also seems interested in taking over the Mystery Shack one day. In Dreamscaperers, he opened that memory door to Stan’s vending machine memory and slammed it before Stanford finished his sentence (insert fan rage here).

 Perhaps Soos works for the same Order that caused Stanley and McGucket’s downfall? That would explain why they oppose each other on the wheel.

Some Trios of the Wheel

Along with the opposing duos, we have trios that connect on the wheel, placed equal distances from each other and shown in the show.

TRIO PAIR 1: Soos, Dipper, and Mabel. Dipper and Mabel are two spaces away from Soos. Often seen adventuring with each other.

TRIO PAIR 2: Stanford, Stanley, and McGucket. Stanley and McGucket are two spaces away from Stanford. Goes with my theory of the three working together.


Congratulations! You read to the end of my post!

For those of you who read this entire post, I thank you, thank you, thank you! :D I worked hard on putting all of this together, and I hope you enjoyed it.

 Do you guys have any questions? Comments? Critiques? Things to add to the theory? If so, don’t be afraid to add your input. I will gladly debate/discuss things with you. :3

 Special Thanks goes to the Tumblr member, Maritova, and the Gravity Falls Wiki. Without Maritova’s post, I wouldn’t have been inspired to make this theory. Without the GF Wiki, I wouldn’t have been able to add all those pretty pictures.

 Am I crazy for doing this huge-ass post?

Yes. Yes I am. ;)